Printing Documents You Bought on the Website


1.         Sometimes documents don't print  off websites as intended. This not because of the website, but because of the browser settings.  (Internet Explorer mostly.  Some use Mozilla.)

            a.         Internet Explorer defaults to 11 inch paper with page numbers, date stamps, the whole catastrophe.

            b.         Sometimes you change a default setting and seemingly find it put back.

2.         Documents printed off our website are 8.5 x 14; the same size as the copies you buy from the clerk.

            a.         The documents can be resized after they're downloaded or printed, but that's another matter.

            b.         An 8.5 x 14 document printed with 11 inch settings will either cut off the bottom of the page or print the rest on a second page. 

3.         Browsers and printer software aren't uniform, but here are some tips:

            a.         Before you click the button for the $.50 copy, click File on the top left toolbar, then Page Setup.  Poke around and try to get as many of these settings as you can:

                                    (1)        Length = Legal

                                    (2)        Margins = 0 (you'll get about a quarter inch, but minimize)

                                    (3)        Headers and footers = none (erase what you don't want).

                                    (4)        Dots per square inch = 600

                                    (5)        Black & White vs. Color, choose black & white.

            b.         Sometimes you have to go through another set of settings after you click Print.  Sometimes you have to drill down from Print to Advanced to get all the choices.

4.         Our images are in the universal and common bitmap Tagged Information Format (.tif).  You can print other formats.  I prefer .pdf used in Adobe Acrobat.  You can save images, email images, change sizes.  That takes additional software which frequently costs more money.  To check it out, shop on Google and buy on Google or eBay.

5.         We started selling copies before we posted these warnings about Microsoft settings.  If someone bought copies that didn't print right, we will, for a limited time, give free clicks for pages that were messed up.  We will also try to assist figuring out your third party software and hardware.